Tom Seiers Morning Ritual

Tom Seiers Morning Ritual is a 2D rhythmic skill game with a unique comic graphic style and a challenging game mechanic. I created the game along with two other devs at the Innogames Gamejam #9. The topic for the jam was “Strange rituals” and we wanted to create a game that focuses on the annoying affects of the always on generation.

In a team of only three people with a limited time (48 hours) it is hard to finish a game, that’s why we focused on a simple concept with 2D graphics in a 3D world. The game was created in Unity and except of the sounds and music everything in the game was produced by us in the limited amount of time.

Our Team


Johannes DemlProgramming & Balancing
Pia HeugelEnvironment & Background
Aurelio AlvarezCharacter & User Interface


Play the game

Kongregate (Firefox only)
Online (without highscore)
Windows 32 Bit, Windows 64 Bit


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