Bug Lab

Bug lab is a 3D platformer I made at the InnoGames gamjam #8 with three other devs. The topic of the jam was “buggy physics”. We took the topic pretty literal and decided to put a bug in a physics lab where it has to find its way out of the lab again. Our main mechanic are scripted pills that shoot you in different directions. The player needs those pills to solve smaller puzzles.

Our goal for jam was to create a small little game with a few high quality assets, so we all wanted to get better knowledge of the graphics pipeline for good graphics. I think we reached that goal, and I’m also pretty happy with the game itself. You can see for yourself by clicking on the downloadlink at the bottom of the page.

Our Team


Johannes DemlProgramming
Flavia Rodheinl3D graphics, rigging, animation
Michaela Müller2D graphics, concept art
Thilo Schröder3D graphics, rigging, animation


Play the game


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