Restore SMS messages from Sony PC Companion


This is an addition to an article about restoring your contacts. The tutorial can be done on Windows, Mac or Linux and is totally free. In the end you will get an xml file, that you can put back on your phone.

My program got downloaded over 30.000 times and I got a lot of great responses, so chances this solution works for you, are rather high!

Restore data in 18 easy steps

For this solution you need to install Java (RE)! Time estimation for the tutorial: 15 minutes

The program works on Windows, Mac and Linux, with this 12 step guide you will be able to restore your messages, but you could use it for any other files as well.

  1. Download my program: Download.
  2. Extract the folder “restoreSMS” in there to your desktop (Just drag and drop it).
  3. Navigate to the folder your backup is saved to. By default your backup is saved to C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Sony\Sony PC Companion\Phone Backups
  4. You should find the backups with the file extension “.dbk”. Create a copy of your backup (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) just in case something goes wrong.
  5. The dbk extension is actually just a zip file, so you can just rename the file. If you see the .dbk extension in the file name you can skip this the step. Otherwise you have to disable a windows explorer feature. For that click in your opened window on organize -> Folder and search options and there switch to the tab View and disable the feature Hide extensions for known file types.
    show guide to show file extensions in windows 7
    show file extensions in windows 7

    If you having this problem with an other version of windows just google “windows yourVersion show file extensions”.

  6. Rename your file copy to (F2)
  7. Open your file (double click). If you have no program to open zips I highly recommend 7zip.
  8. Now you have to navigate to your message file. You will find it here
    If none of these folders exist the backup won’t have the sms-data included.
  9. Copy the fullbackupdata file to the folder on your desktop from step 2. Put it in the folder “restoreSMS\1” (Just drag&drop it there).
  10. If you’re on windows, double click “RunInWindowsConsole.bat”, otherwise double click on “restoreData.jar” in the folder “restoreSMS\1”. Within a few seconds a file with the name “restore.tar” should show up. If it doesn’t make sure that you have java installed and the fullbackupdata file is in the folder.
  11. Open the file with 7zip or a similar program.
  12. Now navigate through the folders to
    This file holds the messages you are looking for. Sadly you can’t import it that way. First we need to parse it to get an XML file.
  13. Copy the mmssms.db file to the other folder (“restoreSMS\2”).
  14. Now double click “RunInWindowsConsole.bat” on windows, otherwise double click “RestoreSmsToXML.jar” in “restoreSMS\2”.
  15. If everything worked out the right way, you should get a file called “extractedSMS.xml”. This is the file you can put back on your phone. Therefore connect your phone with the pc and upload the file to your phone.
  16. To get the messages back to your message app you need to download another app called SMS Backup & Restore. I have no connection with the person who created that application, but it is for free and serves our purpose.
  17. In the app you just have to click restore and search for the xml file you put on your phone.
  18. That’s it, you should have your messages back on your phone!

For all interested, the program is a fork of Android Backup Extractor by Nikolay Elenkov. He actually did almost all work, I just added a few changes to make the program easier to use (for this particular problem). Most of the SMS restore work came from Huỳnh Giang Sơn. thank you for your work, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the drive to put up this article here.

I hope this program helped you. If so, I would be happy if you leave a comment or show your appreciation by click the paypal button. I’m also happy to hear from you, if you hadn’t had problems!
If you want to restore your contacts, take a look at this article.

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