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Bug Lab

Bug lab is a 3D platformer I made at the InnoGames gamjam #8 with three other devs. The topic of the jam was “buggy physics”. We took the topic pretty literal and decided to put a bug in a physics lab where it has to find its way out of the lab again. Our main mechanic are scripted pills that shoot you in different directions. The player needs those pills to solve smaller puzzles. Continue reading

1:1 Gamejam game

A little gamejam project of students from the HAW Hamburg. It is a 3D Multiplayer game in which the players have to find one another in a world full of bots. The topic for the game was “Is there another player”. The game was made in one week with a team of 5 people. We had 2 graphics artists, 2 programmers and one game designer. I did all programming except of the bot AI (The one that is not mirroring your movement). Continue reading