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Set up redshift for Windows

Redshift is a small program, that changes the color of your display temperature according to the day time. At night the display gets pretty red and feels softer. This way, it feels better to work in the dark. Sadly redshift is only a command line program and we all know how bad the windows command line is (compared to the linux terminal). That’s why I made this tutorial to set up redshift for Windows to use it like a normal program.

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Sony pc companion icon with error screen and a text reading "Save your Backup"

Extract data from Sony PC Companion backup


About one year ago I had the problem, that I could not restore my Sony PC Companion backup to my phone. Back then I was really frustrated, because I found no (free) solution to get to my phone book. After some research I found out, how the data is compressed, and I made a little program to decompress the data in a very simple way. With my solution you can extract data from Sony PC companion backup for free and the program works on all platforms. I for myself used it only to get my phone book, and this tutorial will be about how to get your phone book back, but in theory you can get back everything, if you know, where to search. The program won’t work if you encrypted your phone. If you want to get you messages back, take a look at this tutorial. If you want to do any of those I can help you via email.

My program got downloaded over 50.000 times and I got a lot of great responses, so chances this solution works for you, are rather high!
This tutorial is also available in German | Russian
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Do you really want to delete whatsApp?

TextSecure feature overview

TextSecure is probably the best open source messaging app out there, and a worthy component to WhatsApp. I’m using the app for over a year now and I’m really happy with it. That’s why I decided to make a TextSecure feature overview, to give everyone, who is thinking about changing their messaging application, an idea how powerful TextSecure is and could be in the future. Continue reading

open source messenger overview

WhatsApp open source alternatives

On February 20th Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion (Read more). Even though they probably won’t change anything for the WhatsApp users, it is a good time to consider switching the messenger app. Why? Well, Facebook knows a lot about your private life and WhatsApp has a lot of data from your chats too. It is not a good idea to give one company too much power over your private life. Furthermore WhatsApp still has a lot of security issues and does not use open protocol standards. WhatsApp is also closed source, so you have no idea, how they use the app-permissions you gave them. Here is a small overview of WhatsApp open source alternatives: Continue reading